Files and documents

Here you find an overview of the results of the INTAKT-project, ready for download in different available language versions:

  Language Download
for participants of mobility-projects
  DE pdfintakt_teil_de_WEB.pdf342.71 KB
  DK pdfintakt_teil_dk_WEB.pdf340.73 KB
  EN pdfintakt_teil_en_WEB.pdf343.86 KB
  ES pdfintakt_teil_es_WEB.pdf339.99 KB
  FR pdfintakt_teil_fr_WEB.pdf342.38 KB
  PL pdfintakt_teil_pl_WEB.pdf399.42 KB
for coordinators of mobility-projects and responsible persons for staff-management in companies
  DE pdfintakt_betr_de_WEB.pdf342.71 KB
  DK pdfintakt_betr_dk_WEB.pdf340.73 KB
  EN pdfintakt_betr_en_WEB.pdf343.86 KB
  ES pdfintakt_betr_es_WEB.pdf339.99 KB
  FR pdfintakt_betr_fr_WEB.pdf342.38 KB
  PL pdfintakt_betr_pl_WEB.pdf399.42 KB
  DE pdfintakt2012dt_kl.pdf2.94 MB
  EN pdfintakt12en_kl.pdf2.93 MB
User-guides for the EVST-database
for participants of mobility-projects
  DE pdfAnwenderleitfaden TN DE.pdf1.46 MB
  DK pdfBrugermanual studerende DK.pdf1.29 MB
  EN pdfUser guide participants EN.pdf1.19 MB
  ES pdfManual usario participantes ES.pdf1.32 MB
  FR pdfManuel participants Mobilite FR.pdf1.5 MB
  PL pdfInstrucja uczestnikow PL.pdf1.51 MB
for coordinators of mobility-projects and responsible persons for staff-management in companies
  DE pdfAnwenderleitfaden Koordinatoren DE.pdf1.27 MB
  DK pdfBruggermanual Koordinatoren DK.pdf1.1 MB
  EN pdfUser Manual Coordinators EN.pdf1.51 MB
  ES pdfManual Coordinatores ES.pdf1.13 MB
  FR pdfManuel Coordinateur FR.pdf1.02 MB
  PL pdfInstrukcija koordinatorow PL.pdf1.74 MB
Minutes of partner-meetings:
Partner-meeting 1, Berlin 12-2010 DE pdfProtokoll 1 Berlin DE.pdf80.69 KB
  EN (soon)
Partner-meeting 2, Bournemouth 03-2011 DE pdfProtokoll 2 Bournemouth DE.pdf58.08 KB
  EN (soon)
Partner-meeting 3, Odense 09-2011 DE pdfProtokoll 3 Odense DE.pdf262.75 KB
  EN (soon)
Partner-meeting 4, Cork 03-2012 DE pdfProtokoll 4 Cork_DE.pdf114.94 KB
  EN pdfMinutes 4 INTAKT- Cork EN.pdf141.65 KB
Partner-meeting 5, Valencia 05-2012 DE pdfProtokoll 5 Valencia DE.pdf119.24 KB
  EN pdfMinutes 5 INTAKT- Valencia EN.pdf1.23 KB
INTAKT Final conference, Berlin 09-2012 DE pdfProtokoll 6 INTAKT-Abschlusstagung DE.pdf128.97 KB
  EN pdfMinutes 6 INTAKT- Final Conference EN.pdf112.21 KB